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VIN Migrate R12, the Application Database Administrators Work Bench, will automate the ERP/CRM Application maintenance and upgrade from current version to a higher version and provides features for monitoring upgrade process. The version 1.0 would upgrade Oracle eBusiness Suite versions 11i (11.5.1 through 11.5.10) to higher versions ( through Release 12). In the later versions the VIN Migrate R12 would have features for monitoring Databases and Applications, testing and a host of other functionality.

The product is designed to work on multiple platforms such as Unix, Linux, Windows etc., but the initial release will be on Linux/Unix followed by Windows.

With the help of VIN Migrate R12 Application the DBAs can schedule many of the routine tasks they carry out on day-to-day basis such as Oracle Applications patching, Oracle Database installation, running scripts such as shell, pearl, sql etc., and also automate specialized tasks such as Oracle Database upgrade, Oracle Applications upgrade. The scheduled tasks, once approved, will be carried out by the demon behind the scenes. It has functionality to alert the DBA group where a task fails.

The VIN Migrate R12 comes with Pre-seeded workflows for Oracle Application Upgrade, Oracle Database Upgrades which can be used by the customers with or without modification


VIN Fresh automates refresh of Oracle e-Business Suite. This tool includes a module for Netapp storage which makes refreshes more cost effective and faster. The tool automates not only the refresh process but also most of the refresh related tasks like preserving instance specific data like db links, db directories, passwords, sso configurations and most importantly, the patches. (post patches).

The tool can be used as one console for all your e-Business Suite instances for performing tasks like startup, shutdowns, patching and refreshes. All these tasks can also be scheduled (with repeat options) so that DBAs can completely get rid of these tasks and concentrate on more important ones.

The VIN Fresh tool has a user friendly GUI. Tool provides role based access to DBA and Unix System administrators. This allows Unix administrators opt not to share the sensitive information they own (like passwords). The role based access allows separation of duties within DBA team. The admin role is the super user role which has access to register/unregister instances and administer other users and their roles.


Tool will help business to analyze impact on business for various business scenarios, will help businesses to detect potential disruptions and its impact on business, which will help them to be proactive rather than reactive. The tool will provide various simulation capabilities of: 1) Price increase, 2) cost and revenue allocation 3) Supply disruptions 4) Demand disruptions.

Price increase: Its impact on total spend, sales margin, profits, sales/forecast/supply chain strategy when supplier increases price.

Price Increase Simulation-Business Value

  • A solution which tracks and forecasts your inflation based on new pricing or % increase assumptions and to get offline approvals, and transfer the price to PO
  • Tracking price increase against past approved price can enable deeper cost and fact finding with the vendor source with the objective to bring towards effective negotiation process by the buyer.
  • Data that support this cycle can also be a measurable KPI of the Buyer's skill in suppressing or minimizing price increase.
  • Upon arriving at the final negotiated price, the simulated cost impact to total spending supports the approval process to accept the final negotiation price to proceed to PO level.
  • The impact analysis may also provide documented support for the call on re-strategy selling price to absorb the higher cost impact or to accept the erosion to margins.
  • Such knowledge can pro-actively empower sales force to initiate effective marketing tactics to optimize margins of current affected inventory and future higher price inventory products.