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Vince Global is located in Frisco, TX is a globally focused End-to-End IT solutions company, offering industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing, and integration services.

Ashok Yalamati, President and CEO, has 15 years of experienced veteran in Information Technology, adopting quality - be it in people, process or technology - as a cornerstone of VINCE Global Inc's growth. He has solid background in manufacturing, Banking, Telecom, Mobile Commerce, Pharma and Bio technologies. Ashok heads Business Development, on-shore &of-shore strategy and Quality Assurance.

Prior to founding , Ashok began his career in 1991 as programmer in Indian Satellite launching vehicle's manufacturing company, after 2 years, he founded IT consulting company NCInfosys, later he joined with Intergraph. At Intergraph he actively involved in SEI-CMM and ISO 9001 process. Later he moved to siliconvalley and worked in various management positions, including Altoweb, Televoke, VISA and Bank Of America.


B Lee Jones, CIO, has been a visionary leader in information and communication technology, holding executive positions at Global Edge Media Corporation, Actelis Networks, Sun Power Corporation, Stratex Networks, Tandem Computers, Sierra Semiconductor Corporation, United Technologies Microelectronics Center and Inmos Corporation. A polyglot with connections and clients around the globe, Jones is also an experienced and talented Operations expert who knows how to make things happen.

As an Information Technology innovator, Jones has successfully built and installed computer centers and networks on every continent except Antarctica. Recognized as a leader and authority in his field, Jones and his COB/CEO were features in the 2004 State of the CIO, and has been a featured speaker at numerous business conferences and events, including the stanford GSB High Technology Conference, at the UCLS, Anderson School of Managemetn BIT Conference, on CTO Talk Radio, and

Jones Currently serves as an IT advisor and contributor to several leading industry publications including Information Week, CIO magazine, and CIO insight, and moderates a monthly CIO Roundtable in SF Bay Area. With his expertise in IT and Operations management systems, B. Lee Jones is an accomplished international industry leader who knows how to make technology work for business.

RanjiniRangarajan, Director HR, has more than 9 years of experience in HR and IT recruitment. She holds MBA degree in HR from Madras University. She worked with various Silicon Valley IT consulting companies before she joins in 2006.


We strive to provide highly effective IT consulting and software solutions to organizations ranging from small, medium and Fortune 500 companies worldwide and to set the benchmark for value, quality, and speed in the IT marketplace.


We achieve excellence in quality through continuous process improvement to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations, on-time and within budget. In doing this, we set quantifiable quality benchmarks enable us to isolate pain-points, assist in identifying ways and means of improving your processes and in adoption of best practices.

Our Quality standards have been designed not only to eliminate defects but also the root causes of defects in business processes in order to work towards greater efficiency, productivity and accuracy. In addition, we have comprehensive Knowledge Management solution implemented across the organization for maximizing investments on information.


Value is defined by more than a price tag, it's also a matter of trust. Our commitment to service is our promise to meet or exceed expectations every day and in every engagement. We believe that creativity, Technology and People are our guiding strengths. Creativity powers the world ahead whether in the arena of business, communications or education. Technology is the backbone of the modern world and the wheels of mankind?s progress. Our Motivated people make things happen for the mankind.